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Our Founder


Neirda Thompson-Pemberton is the founder of FUNducation, Inc. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Neirda worked with engineering companies on land development projects. Outside of her work, she took part in community outreach programs to encourage today’s children to become tomorrow’s Engineers.

From her 15+ years of engineering and in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, (S.T.E.A.M.) program volunteerism, she discovered her passion for engaging youth in S.T.E.A.M. fields. Realizing that kids often saw those fields as taboo or impossible for them, she was inspired to find a way to help them enjoy learning without fear of the subject matter. The solution came to her while watching her niece and nephew play; kids learn in the moment when they feel fearless, open, engaged, and excited, playtime, FUNtime! With this realization and using the skills acquired from her Master's Degree in Business Administration, Neirda founded FUNducation, Inc. 

Our Board of Directors

DonBlackman_01 (2017_03_14 20_07_08 UTC).jpg

Neirda Thompson-Pemberton

Executive Director

Jason Krywko

Board Chair

Eric Brosch

Board Communications Chair

Donald Blackman

Board Treasurer

Our Members

Desh Bagley.jpg
Dr Blessing.jpg

Deshauna Bagley

Member at Large

Carolyn Prymus

Founding Member

Dr. Jennifer Blessing

Member at Large

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